Computer Repairs in Calgary

Problem # 1: My computer is too slow

  • Do you remember when you got that brand new computer out of the box?
  • Started it for the first time?
  • Know the feeling?
  • How surprised you were when you found out how fast it was compared to that old machine you had before stored in the basement/garage?
  • Thinking how fast you’d be able to work now?
  • How much more time you would be able to spend with your children or grand-children or spouse?
  • Not waiting for that word processor or Internet explorer to load?

computer repair help

And then, over the years, all changed.

Downloading and installing new software, unnecessary files accumulated in the recycle bin, temporary files, Internet Explorer caches… All this occupies more and more space on your computer.

Over time, Windows registry gets clogged; all those unnecessary files cluttering your hard drive degrade your computer’s performance.
Beware of this software you can buy off the internet to clean your computer. Some of them are rogue and will block any operation.

As for the other programs, well, the cleaning process is tricky. You shouldn’t touch the Windows registry unless you know exactly what you are doing. You’d better ask for the help of Word of Mouse Computer technicians. They are professionals and they do it every day, so they are faster at doing it.

Sometimes, some computers have redundant programs. More often than not, I found 2 antivirus programs installed on a customer’s computer.

Downturns, conflict between anti-virus, crashes, and other more or less serious problems.

This also applies for Firewall: install only one!
Same for antispyware: Do not install more than one antispyware resident.

Well, not anymore!

Restore that youthful look to your machine.
Because like a car – and possibly everything else for that matter – a well maintained computer is a faster computer!